Saturday, August 26, 2017

Sombrero Reef: sailed

        That is Sombrero Light above.  GANNET is tied to a mooring about four and a half miles off Marathon.  It took us three hours to beat out here.  Even with new sails, you need wind and we only had three and four knots.
        The new sails are beautiful.  Beautifully shaped; beautifully made.  I was impressed by the enormous difference in quality between the North G2 I bought in New Zealand and my old asymmetrical.  The new main and jib are equally better than my old main and jib.  All these years and voyages and I’ve been using third rate sails.  I did not know what I was missing.  Now I do.
        After picking up the mooring, I pumped up the Avon to facilitate moving from GANNET to ocean and back and snorkeled.  The water is almost too warm, probably very near air temperature.  I saw a lot of fish,  A lot of fish saw me. 
        GANNET’s bottom is remarkably clean, particularly since she sat in a slip for three months.  Only a little fuzz on the trailing edge of the rudder and a few other places.  
        The mooring is rolly.  No protection out here.  I am wedged in at Central and have to maintain a hand grip whenever I move around,   Four small powerboats are on other moorings, but I expect they will leave before sunset. 
        I am going to stay the night.  Go for another swim in the morning, then head back in.
        I shot a brief video while underway, but will have to wait until I have a better Internet connection to upload it.
       I am looking forward to evening drinks on deck surrounded by water,