Thursday, August 3, 2017

Marathon: scooped

        I finally rigged the wind scoop I bought while in Evanston.  I wasn’t sure I could use it with the hatch screen in place.  I can.  I will have to lower it when it rains.  This one has the advantage of catching wind from any direction, particularly useful when tied to a dock.
        It is not air-conditioning, but it helps.
        Nevertheless GANNET’s cabin is still intolerably hot in the afternoon.  I am writing under a thatched hut ashore.

        Yesterday I removed everything from the starboard pipe berth and slithered aft to rewire the stern solar panels.  The work itself went well, but the heat back there was atrocious.  Repeatedly I had to slide forward and stand in the companionway to cool—relatively.  Sliding became easier as the pipe berth naugahyde became slippery with sweat.
        That was the worst task on my to do list and I am very glad it is over.