Friday, August 18, 2017

Marathon: duck; deck; three solutions to Marathon in August

        I thank Larry for sending me a link to several splendid photos, including the above which is captioned:  World’s Coolest Duck…Ever!


        I finished painting the deck yesterday.
        Usually this is a one day job, but because I can’t work in this heat for more than a couple of hours in the morning, I did it in two days, starting at the bow and working aft to between the mast and the companionway the first morning, then starting at the stern and working my way forward the second.
        This is actually a much better plan, enabling me to avoid painting myself into awkward positions and to finish the mid-section standing in the companionway.
        GANNET’s rub rails need to be touched up.  I may pump up the dinghy and do that in the water.
        Her topsides also need to be repainted.  That won’t happen until this voyage is completed.  I had planned to wax and polish the hull when on a mooring.  GANNET is presently side tied to a wall.  I may do one side from the dinghy and then turn her to do the other.

        Carol and I have both wondered how we endured the summer heat in Marathon.  
        THE HAWKE OF TUONELA did have better ventilation than GANNET.  We were at anchor, away from obstructions and swinging with whatever breeze.  And we got off the boat during the hottest parts of the day, eating lunch ashore or grilling steaks or fish at the shaded facilities at the nearby beach.
        I have now figured out how to beat the heat on GANNET.
        Solution One:  I am typing this at the Marathon Branch of the Monroe County Library, located a half mile from the boat yard.  Air-conditioned.  Quiet.  Free wi-fi.  Ice cold drinking fountain.  Bike rack in the shade.  Truly a great public service.
        Solution Two:  go sailing for a few days.  I hope to, but need to wait until the canvas man takes my current mainsail cover for measurements and returns it.  This is supposed to happen next week.
        Solution Three:  go home.  Air-conditioned.  Better food.  Carol.  Ice cold Botanist.  I will in two or three weeks.