Thursday, July 6, 2017

Evanston: not quiet on the Western Front; some good news; cruiser

        102 shot; 15 killed.  It would have been a quiet day during a major war, but the numbers apply to the Fourth of July weekend in the city of Chicago.  Several, indeed perhaps many of those killed were not the intended targets. 
        Ten years ago I made a modest proposal to solve this.  
        You and I are ten years older.  The innocent victims never will be.


        Less you despair, we have James to thank for a link to some good news and I do.


        Two weeks from today Carol and I fly away for a five day vacation at the end of which she flies back to Chicago and I go on to GANNET.  
        I have work to do on the little boat, who has had little maintenance since we left Durban 8,000 miles ago.  Although I usually deny being a cruiser, after I get some or all of the work done, I will be one, ambling up the west coast of Florida to Pensacola with no fixed schedule.  
        I expect I’ll be on GANNET for about two months.