Thursday, January 19, 2017

Durban: even cheaper

        Almost 6 p.m. and GANNET’s Great Cabin is cooling slightly.  The temperature is down to 86F/30C, from a high two hours ago of 96F/35.5C.  The highest outside temperature today was only in the mid-80s, but little breeze found its way to the below deck oven.  I have a battery operated fan pointed at me.
        The little boat is ready to go back into the water tomorrow.  I hope early.  A second coat of antifouling, the topsides touched up, the rub rail painted, stains waxed and polished out.  Her hull will pass the view-at-a-boat-length-test.  Her deck will not, but I can take care of that in the water.
        I also have a third bump on my head.  Another reason to want to be in the water.  Though I bump my head there, too, usually not so hard.
        The total cost of this haul-out comes to $305 US.  $130 for anti-fouling paint, rollers, brushes, etc.  $15 for the pressure wash.  $160 for hauling out and being in the yard two days.
        I remember thinking that my haul-out last year in Opua was inexpensive and checked the journal entry.  The cost then was $400.
        While I did not wax and polish her entire hull, GANNET has again been restored to the respectable beauty she deserves.  Aesthetics count.
        I am drinking an air temperature gin and tonic. 
        Earlier at the adjacent Point Yacht Club I had an ice tea and, at different times, two half liter glasses of beer.  That is a little more than a quart.  
        It was a thirsty day.