Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Evanston: housekeeping and two videos

        I came across the photo above and the one posted yesterday while looking for something else.
        This one was taken sometime during 2001-2002 when Carol sailed with me on the THE HAWKE OF TUONELA from Boston to Cape Town via Portugal, Gibraltar, Senegal and Brazil.  
        You will not be surprised that I don’t have a good recollection or explanation of yesterday’s photo.  You will also not be surprised to learn that it was taken during a weekend on Cape Cod with a group known informally as the Winos.  From the color of my mustache and the hair on top of my head—even that I had hair on top of my head—I date it from the mid-1990s.  I appear to be quite happy.  That’s all I know or will admit to.


        I have done my clerical work on the main site.
        The Darwin to Durban passage log has been added to the logs page.
        The GANNET in the Indian Ocean has been added to the videos page.
        The 2016 journal photographs page has been brought up to date.  
        Two photos of me have been added to the Webb Chiles photo page.
        Four articles have been added to the article page.
        I looked at my low-tech chart and gave up trying to add GANNET.   I did add a note to that effect.  James Bond and I agree that the world is not enough.  I need more room.


        Yesterday afternoon I watched the New Zealand/Ireland rugby test on YouTube via a link sent by Mark.  I thank him.
        It was a good, hard match.  A couple of close calls by the referee went New Zealand’s way and their defense was mighty.  Toward the end of the video the commentators say that these are two of the three best teams in the world right now.

        I thank Jay for sending me a link to ‘Slomo’ whose philosophy I have long espoused.  During much of the video he is skating along the ocean front in Mission Beach, where my grandmother’s house used to be, and near where GANNET’s voyage began and may next year end.