Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Durban: two views from Central

        A raw and rainy day, keeping me mostly confined to the Great Cabin, reading and listening to music, which is not bad.  I changed from shorts and t-shirt to Levis and a pullover.
        Yesterday, which was warm and sunny, I found more things stowed beneath the v-berth that were wet and was able to dry them on deck.  More rain is due tomorrow and over the weekend.  My drying days may be over.
        With the rain we’ve had, water in the bilge was to be expected.  So far there is none.  It would be wonderful if the bow leaks were confined to the running lights.  The forward hatch is leaking, but not badly.  When/if the weather permits I will remove and rebed it, this time with butyl tape.  The leak is not directly over where I sleep.  
       During a break in the rain this morning a man came to GANNET to take measurements for the simple frame for the companionway spray hood.  This wasn’t quite as clear cut as you might think.  Progress may have been made.  Or may not have.
         Time to pour something warming.  And I don't mean tea.