Saturday, September 17, 2016

Durban: drip; short timer; glass

       Evening.  Rain is easing, but has been falling steadily, and sometimes heavily, since morning.  I have not left the Great Cabin all day.
       Sitting at Central, I was disappointed to hear water dripping behind me from the  forward hatch onto the v-berth.
        I crawled up there and found that it is not coming from the edge or any of the seventeen bolts securing the hatch that I applied butyl tape to, but from  one of the screws that attach the hinge to the underside of the hatch.  I will see what I can do about that when the rain finally ends, which may not be until Monday.
        I also closely examined the bolts of the spray hood frame and the relocated cam cleats.  No leaks.


        I am a short timer.  Only one more week on GANNET before Carol arrives and only two or three weeks when I return in January before I plan to sail on.
        Next week should/may see the rigger come and install the replacement Raymarine masthead wind transducer and brackets to keep the lower section of the Tides Marine mainsail track from bulging; a sailmaker come to take measurements for the spray hood; another sailmaker return my repaired sails with a fourth reef in the main and new mainsail and tiller covers; and two repaired under warranty Raymarine tiller pilots returned.
        I need to do something about the hatch hinge leak, get my laundry done, and pack.

       The photo was taken on July 9, the day I went for a swim during GANNET's magnificent twenty-eight mile noon to noon run.