Thursday, March 10, 2016

Opua: worked

        Mike, who runs YachtCare here and looks after GANNET in my absence, did a good job when he dove and cleaned GANNET’s bottom last month. She came from the water barnacle free with only slime that was easily removed by the boat yard’s pressure wash.

        I got the first coat of anti-fouling on yesterday and the second before breakfast this morning.  Another advantage of small boats.  A few minutes ago I touched up the topsides.  This morning I did the laundry.  On Wednesday Rob the rigger came by and sorted out the ProFurl Spinex gennaker furling gear, among the best $40 U.S. I have ever spent.  The task was easier with two people, particularly when one of them knew what he was doing.  Tomorrow and Sunday I will polish the topsides.  Monday we go back in the water.
        The anti-fouling paint is the same hard finish International Ultra I used before.  This time in Dover White, which was not available when I last anti-fouled in San Diego almost two years ago.  Also International now calls it Ultra 2.  Dover White in International’s Micron paints, which I have also used, goes on gray and turns whiter once it is in the water.
        I prefer light colored bottoms because they are easier to see and inspect in the water.  Black is not.
        The ProFurl Spinex has small plastic balls around the central torsion cable and looks something like a giant octopus tentacle.  At the moment it is curled awkwardly with the asymmetrical in the sail’s fortunately generous bag.  The sail is furled from having been set on the older Facnor furler.  Once I can set it and furl it onto the ProFurl cable, they should take up less room.  Maybe  next week.
         I’m going to walk over to the Opua Cruising Club this evening and reward myself with an iced gin and tonic, or two, and dinner.