Saturday, March 7, 2015

Evanston: new boat; new sail

        Now that I’ve ripped up my shoulder, I’ve decided I want something a bit more comfortable than GANNET, so I’m buying a new boat.  Here’s the link.  Be sure to click through all the images.
        The designer has named the project SALT.  Obviously I am going to add ‘OLD’ before that.


        All my boats since EGREGIOUS have been three sail boats.  On CHIDIOCK TICHBORNE they were jib, main and mizzen.  On all the others:  furling jib, fully battened mainsail, and asymmetrical.      
GANNET is about to become a four sail exception.  
        Her current asymmetrical is cut too full to use with the wind on or before the beam, similar to that of the G2 in this graphic. So I am ordering a G1 from North Sails in New Zealand.  

        I had hoped to be able to use the new sail during my upcoming visit to GANNET, but some measurements need to be taken on the boat before the sail can be made.
        It is possible that I will end up using the G1 as the only asymmetrical and GANNET will resume being a three sail boat.  But I confess to a vision of setting both asymmetricals wing and wing downwind in light air.  Imagine GANNET under that cloud of sail.