Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Evanston: previously owned by

        From the photos Jeff has done a fine job, putting in serious labor and some expense.
        As I noted in the earlier post, I installed the fireplace, but not the barometer or clock.  I also did not have the ship’s bell shown in this photo. And most definitely not wheel steering.  All my boats have had tillers and always—or at least as long as I own them—will.  THE HAWKE OF TUONELA came with a wheel which I removed and gave away.

        The roller furler has also been installed by a subsequent owner.  I’m not sure roller furlers even existed in 1969.
        I do know that the two books on the bookshelf didn’t exist then because I had yet to write them.  
        Jeff doesn’t say whether they are included in the asking price.
        The boat looks good and always sailed well.
        An inexpensive waterfront vacation home in San Diego.


        The sun is shining and the temperature slightly above freezing, but it is supposed to get seriously cold again soon.

        I take solace:  five weeks from today I fly to GANNET.