Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Evanston: 2015

        Carol and I are sipping morning coffee in front of the fireplace.  Outside is sunny and 6°F/-14.4°C.  I won’t be going there except to empty the trash this afternoon.
        Champagne is in the refrigerator.  The Christmas turkey has been reduced to turkey soup, which Carol made yesterday and on which we will feast this evening while watching a football game.
        There is zero possibility that either of us will be awake at midnight.
        I look into the flames and wonder where GANNET will be a year from now.  I had thought South Africa, but it would not be a tragedy if she has to remain in the Bay of Islands for another year.  Assuming I have a year to spare.
        2015.  To some of us an astonishing number.  Something from science fiction.  Yet tomorrow it will be.
        I wish you a year of fulfillment and joy.