Monday, October 13, 2014

Opua: inverted

        The predicted perfect weather is here.
        Only one boat was at the Q dock this morning, and that was a power boat.
        Yesterday I painted the cockpit. 
        Far from perfect, it passes one-eyed old man standards and looks decidedly better than it did.
        I had my evening drink on deck.
        A minor disappointment, along with my former mooring no longer existing, is that there are no gannets hunting over this basin.  To paraphrase Francois Villon, where are the gannets of yesteryear?
        The only two I’ve seen were the pair that soared across GANNET’s bow as we entered the bay.  
        Today is t-shirt weather.
        I’ve prepped the deck to paint it with non-skid tomorrow, removing loose paint with a putty knife and sandpaper.


        One overlooked virtue of small inflatable dinghies without outboards is that after rain, you simply flip them over rather than bail out the water.
        Another is that you can leave them upside down for an hour or so and kill whatever is trying to grow on the bottom.
        The day is sunnier than it appears in the photo.
        The dinghy is again right side up.
        And I will be having my drink on deck again this evening.