Friday, August 1, 2014

Apia: on watch

        Night.  Patter of rain on deck.  Bach’s “Art of the Fugue” playing.  A cooling breeze from my battery operated fan which is a life changer in GANNET’s Great Cabin in the tropics.  A plastic of Jameson’s at hand.  I’m saving the Laphroaig for the passage to New Zealand.  
        The Bach is the last of my requiem playlist which I listen to from time to time.  This is not necessarily my favorite music, but that which I consider appropriate for the occasion.  I have reservations about some of the choices; not enough to change yet, and certainly not about  Bach.
        My Internet connection here is not good.
        Several readers have emailed that they cannot view the passage log on the main journal site.  I have just deleted that page and then created it again.  It now displays properly on my MacBook Air in Safari.  I hope it does on your computer, too.                                                                                                                   
        Blogger uploads much faster than iWeb.  Almost instantaneously.  I have considered just publishing the journal there and may.
        I was unable to link my iPad mini to the Internet today.  My best weather information comes via iPad apps.  However, using what I can on my laptop, the weather looks to be right to depart for Tonga on Tuesday.  For those of you in the U.S. that is Monday your time.  I’ll reactivate the Yellowbrick a day ahead.  A reminder that I’ve set the Yellowbrick time to UCT.
        GANNET is a four paint boat.  All one part.  Two part paints are more durable.  But they are also more difficult to touch up.
        The paints are Pettit Easypoxy platinum; Pettit Easypoxy semi-glass white; International Interdeck White; and antifouling, which is presently International Ultra black; but will be International Micron shark white when I next antifoul.  The Ultra has served well; but I like to look over the side and see the bottom better than I can with black.
        I sanded parts of the cockpit and the rub rail today and will weather permitting touch up tomorrow.
        In doing my workout on the foredeck, I found myself at eye level with a solar panel and saw green corrosion around the imbedded positive wire.  I haven’t checked yet to see if it is still producing current; but it will surely fail eventually.   I also haven’t checked if it is still under warranty.  I’d still buy Aurinco again.  As I have noted previously, the passage from San Diego to Hilo resulted in only $50 damage.  Honolulu to Apia has probably exceeded $1000.
        Rain has stopped while I’ve been writing.  And so has Bach.

        Now Saturday morning.  It is raining.  I may not get my painting done today.