Thursday, June 26, 2014

Honolulu: a productive day

        Above is Sam the rigger.  Not perhaps his best angle, but one I was very glad to see.  
  He was due to work tomorrow, but had time today; and GANNET now has running backstays.  Excellent.  More than excellent.  Excellent+.
        In this photo, from the left you have the adjustable backstay, the main halyard, and the two white lines are the running backstays, intended not to support the mast, though they could, but to be tensioned just enough to keep the mast from pumping.
On the forward side of the mast at the level of the runners, is the spinnaker halyard.  And then the headstay with furling jib and the upper shrouds.
        Here are the runners at deck level.  Only the windward one would be set, and then only when needed.  I will have to experiment with the best point for the blocks to avoid chaff against the lifelines.
I also had an email from the sailmaker that he has finished his work and will deliver to GANNET tomorrow morning.
And I had my laundry done.  
I’m not sure what a small Chinese lady put in the machines, but some of my passage clothes now smell wonderful.
        The result of all this is that my departure for Apia next Tuesday, July 1, which is the date for which I have been aiming, looks as certain as anything in life can be.