Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hilo: thanks; beast; a mile for a shower

        The boat above is Dave’s home built and yet unnamed 14’ Paradox.  He had sent me photos earlier, so I immediately recognized her as I entered Hilo. 
        Over the years many people in many places have been helpful and kind to me.  Dave has transformed my experience of Hilo in numerous ways, among them directing me to this mooring in Reeds Bay rather than remaining in Radio Bay where most transient boats stay.  
        In addition to captiaterraphobia, I also suffer from milder aqua-claustrophobia.   I like space and light and openness around my boat, and Radio Bay is tight and enclosed.
        Dave and I were talking about anchoring.  I prefer all chain rodes, but neither CHIDIOCK TICHBORNE nor GANNET can carry that weight, so on them I’ve had to rely on rodes of mostly line.  Dave asked how much chain I think he has aboard his Paradox.  I guessed five feet, somewhat missing the true number of 160’.  He planned for and uses it as ballast.  Also six golf cart batteries.
        Thank you Dave.


        I was in the Great Cabin on Sunday when I heard GANNET hailed.  I pulled myself up to stand in the hatch and found two men sailing a Cal 20 nearby.  
        GANNET does not have a home port painted on her.  I have no idea what that would be.  So one of them asked where I had sailed from.  I said, San Diego.  The immediate response, “You are a beast.”  I think it was intended as a compliment.  I took it as one.  Forgive an old man his vanity.  Few 72 year olds are called beasts.  Except perhaps by their wives.


        Yesterday was mostly rainy.  I did row ashore and take a walk around what I am told is the biggest Japanese garden outside of Japan.  It felt good to use my legs.
        Some of you will be old enough to remember a cigarette slogan, “I’d walk a mile for a Camel.”
        Well, I’d row a mile for a shower.  Actually 1.3 miles round trip.
        I have used the solar shower here on the mooring.  In port GANNET’s boom is higher than under sail, and it worked well.  But having nothing else to do, I decided to row around to Radio Bay which has hot showers.  And did. 
        That felt good too.  Both shower and row.