Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hilo: drying day; passage photos

        Hilo gets 150” of rain a year, so I was surprised to learn that the entire state of Hawaii is officially in drought status.  It has rained every night since I reached port and sometimes during the day.  A Hilo drought would in San Diego be a flood of Biblical proportions.  Nevertheless I’ve gotten chores done, thanks in great part to Dave, builder and owner of a boat that makes me into a big boat owner, of which I’ll write later this week.  Yesterday was laundry day and a drying day.  Today another drying day, though the sun has not yet clearly broken through.
        Assuming all these lines don’t get rained on before I can get them back down below, GANNET will in a few hours be pretty much back in order, though somewhere in between passage and harbor modes.  She was never more than just wet.
        A mooring permit is needed to be in Reed’s Bay.  I paid $19 for a week, which included a processing fee, and will be sailing for Honolulu by Sunday at the latest.  I’ll go direct.  It is a couple of hundred miles so will take a couple of days, with variables being getting away from here--I’m told that the conditions I encountered on my arrival are not uncommon in the mornings--and not entering Ala Wai Harbor at night.

        Here are some passage photos.

Ellis, whose boat is on the dock east of GANNET’s former slip, happened to notice us leaving and shot this.  I thank him for permission to use it.

Those are the hatch covers that failed.  I did use them for a while to divert some of the water from pipe berth to bilge; but then improved with duct taped trash bags.  In Honolulu I’m going to see if an acceptable dodger can be made.

The sailmaker’s disgrace.

Reefed main and partially furled jib.

Plastic not  crystal,  and FoxL2 speaker.

Sunsets are  too easy.

On mooring Reed’s Bay.

Looking the other way.