Tuesday, May 6, 2014

San Diego: flat, then not; dry and empty; hard

        I felt the land as I wanted to, rumbling west for almost two days, and found it flat until we reached northern New Mexico where it became non-flat; but everywhere the land was dry and mostly empty.

        The Southwest Chief passes through only two cities of any size in its 2260 mile run between Chicago and Los Angeles:  Kansas City when we were asleep the first night; and Albuquerque late the second afternoon.  In the Midwest there are farms; but in New Mexico you see people living inexplicably in the middle of nothing, no farm, no live stock, often surrounded by the shells of broken cars and trucks.
        We crossed the Mississippi just at sunset the first evening.  On the west bank was a marina, empty but for a single 26’ sailboat.
        Perhaps the most beautiful sight was two young horses running side by side across the plain in eastern Colorado, seemingly just for the joy of running.


        I have scrubbed GANNET. She wasn’t very dirty.  Soot from the fire on B dock did not reach her.  And have been stowing some of the stuff I brought with me, and rearranging things that were already here.
        Three boxes were delivered today from Campmor.  The one containing duffle bags has been unpacked.  The other two are in the cockpit.  
        A box of 24 canisters of JetBoil fuel also arrived and the canisters have been transferred to one of the new duffle bags.  I need to buy bubble wrap to keep them from rattling.
        The emergency rudder is allegedly on a FedEx truck for delivery, but has not yet arrived and the office is about to close.  That’s all right.  GANNET is cluttered enough for the moment.


        Carol and I stayed ashore in a nearby hotel last evening where we have not stayed before.  Walking past the marina behind it, I found a Drascombe.  I think it is a Longboat which is three or four feet longer than a Lugger.

        Saying goodbye this morning as Carol caught the shuttle to the airport for her flight back to Evanston was hard.  I will miss her and believe she will miss me.  I regret that she will be coming home from work to an empty condo.  I looked forward to when I heard her at the door each evening.
        That some of us have incompatible desires is not news.  I try to find a balance.  But there are sacrifices to be made.  And I am grateful for those Carol makes for me.