Friday, April 18, 2014

Evanston: words; disclaimer

        Probably still under the influence of Ambrose Bierce and certain items recently in the news, I recalled my definition of royalty:  a mediocrity, or worse, with an ancestor who was the biggest brigand when the music stopped.
        Some of you will also remember:  a military genius:  a general of average intelligence whose opponent is retarded.

        Among the most misused words today is ‘adventure’.  ‘Hero’, ‘courage’, and ‘epic’ are not far behind.
        I’ve received several emails recently from friends wishing me well on my coming adventure.
        For many setting out on a voyage would be an adventure; but I am most definitely hoping not to have one.  To paraphrase the quote from Bilbo Baggins I used in the front pages of THE OPEN BOAT:  Adventures are nasty disturbing uncomfortable things!  Make you late for dinner.
        If I have any adventures they will be totally unintentional.  I’m just going sailing.

        An article of mine about preparing GANNET is in the May issue of CRUISING WORLD.
        I’m not sure when I wrote it.  For that matter they might have cobbled a couple of my pieces together under a title that if you know me, know I would never have used.   What most struck me is how out of date it is.  How much more I have done and GANNET has evolved.  
        They pay me for these things on acceptance and then run them whenever.  The longest delay I can recall is an article about visiting Lord Howe Island in the Tasman I wrote in 1987 that appeared a circumnavigation later when I was there again in 1991.
        I've spent much of my life waiting for the world to catch up.  I'm beginning to doubt it ever will.