Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Evanston: gone?

        I have just completed my duties as Carol’s housekeeper.  Bathrooms Sunday.  Dusting and vacuuming Monday.  Kitchen and hardwood floors today.  However, another snow storm is due to reach Chicago this afternoon and extend into tomorrow morning, adding another 5” or 6”/12-15 cm to the 51.7”/1.31 meters that has already fallen this winter.  Last year at the same date we had only 6” total for the season.  My chances of getting out of here tomorrow are chancy.

        I have been asked what I am taking back to GANNET, and the answer is not much.  That might seem odd when time is getting short before my departure, but I think that when I go out in early May I will take the train.  I want to see parts of the country I haven’t for a long time and feel the distance as one doesn’t in the air, and consider what has happened since I drove that way in June 1963.  A pilgrimage to the monastery of the sea for what is probably my last long voyage.  (Though if I’m still around and healthy in 2021, don’t bet against my giving it another go in my 80s.)  If I do take the train, baggage is not a problem.  
         In addition to the usual things I carry back and forth, such as laptop, iPad, iTouch and two Sony pocket cameras,
I am taking with me the Yellowbrick and its rail mount;  an Ambient Weather weather station; and a BearExtender wi-fi antenna.             
        Having downsized laptop and iPad, and gone from noise canceling earphones to noise canceling ear buds, I am hoping to fit everything in my purse, a.k.a.messenger bag, and pockets, and not need any overhead space on the plane.  I have pockets.  In addition to the 24 pockets in the Scottevest, there are another 7 in the gamekeeper coat I’ve travelled with in the past.  I may not even need the vest.  My iPad was too big for the coat’s pockets, but the iPad mini fits easily.
        The Ambient Weather is to replace the Weems and Plath barometer which was a mistake.  Temperature is difficult to read on it and the barometer itself has proven less accurate than those in my two sailing watches.  I had an Ambient Weather on THE HAWKE OF TUONELA.  Whether it will survive on GANNET remains to be seen.  
        I also had a BearExtender on THE HAWKE OF TUONELA.  It proved essential in connecting to the Internet from my Opua mooring.
        The Jordan drogue and Spade anchor are being shipped directly to San Diego and are already on the way, as is a waterproof Pelican case for the MacBook Air.
        I will be buying other waterproof cases and bags while in San Diego, but need to see what fits where and take measurements first.
        I’m leaving behind the Columbia Omni-Heat fleece and pants; the bivy; the ratcheting screwdriver; and some excellent knives given to me by another Moore owner who also owns a knife company.

        I very much hope that the next entry is headed ‘San Diego.’  But I am not confident.