Monday, November 11, 2013

Evanston: a chance of snow; season's end; two months

        I traded sunshine and 70º+F/21º+C, for a low gray sky, 39ºF/4ºC and falling, and a chance of snow.  Hmm.
        I have seen it snow in San Diego.  Driving to work in November or December of it must have been 1969, ten to twenty flakes fell while I was sitting at the stoplight at the corner of Midway and Rosecrans.  So remarkable that I remember it still.
        Snow in Evanston in November will not be memorable, unless it accumulates to a depth measured in feet not inches.

        Friday’s sail on GANNET was my last this year.
        For many others the season has already ended or is ending.  All the marinas around Chicago closed October 31.  In the Pacific Northwest Doryman has hauled BELLE STARR, his 23’ Stone Horse for the winter; and on the other coast in Norfolk, Va, I think Steve has moved SPARTINA, his 17’ Pathfinder, onto her trailer and probably into his garage until next spring.
        Up in Saskatchewan, Glen thought about going sailing this weekend, but with temperature of 7ºF/-14ºC, decided to go for a walk instead.
        Of course, those who have the good sense to live in Southern California and Florida sail year round.  During the years I lived in San Diego, there was never a month that I did not go sailing at least one day in shorts and t-shirt.  You can be sure that GANNET’s neighbor, Kevin, will be out three or four times a week.  And In Florida, Kent and Audrey went for a sail two days ago on ZIP, a restored 1953 Sailfish.
        Those of you in New Zealand and Australia and South Africa and Brazil sail year round, too.
        However, in less salubrious climes, there are still some hearty souls toughing it out.
        Tom and friends sailed Saturday in the east of England in rain and 41ºF/ 5ºC but little wind, and yesterday in chilly sunshine and 20 knots.
        Well done.  To everyone.  And may 2014 again bring the joy of wind and water to all.


        On Saturday, I took my last bike ride in San Diego and, therefore probably for the year.  I went inland a few miles beside the San Diego river channel.
        My bicycle has started making grinding noises.  I turned it upside down one day last week and lubricated everything I could see to lubricate.  It only has to last two more months--February and May.  I hope it does.
        I will return in February to haul out, lower the rudder and inspect the shaft and bearings, and anti-foul; and again in May with a planned departure about June 1.
        The to-do/buy list is very diminished, with items left that are mostly optional.
         GANNET’s true shakedown will be the passage to Hawaii.  What for others has been an end, will for GANNET be a beginning.