Saturday, October 5, 2013

Evanston: in case of technical difficulties

        One day this journal is going to come to a perhaps abrupt end, as did Bach’s ART OF THE FUGUE, which which I am not daring to compare it.
        But in the meantime, it might come to a premature end or prolonged interruption due to problems with software or hardware.
        I use Apple’s iWeb.  Unfortunately Apple has abandoned iWeb.  The most recent version dates from 2009, prehistoric by contemporary tech standards.  
        ‘Self-portrait in the present sea’ has now been online and growing for more than seven years, and is probably far bigger than anything Apple ever envisioned for iWeb.  It is likely that the journal contains more words than all of my published books combined.
        Sometimes there have been problems, as there were a few days ago when a photo failed to upload and froze the application.  I don’t believe there is any longer support for iWeb from Apple.  I was in this case able to resolve it myself after a long, frustrating afternoon.
        Earlier this year, while on GANNET, my MacBook Pro failed to function.  After a while, I solved that, too.
        In both cases, I realized that I had no other way of communicating with you.  There is no iWeb for iPad.
        So I have established an annex at: 

where I will post duplicate journal entries, starting October 1, 2013.      
        In the event I am unable for technical reasons to post here, I will there, which I can do from my iPad as well as my laptop.  As is now noted on the main journal page, if I haven’t posted here for a while, and I’m not at sea, you can check there.  ‘A while’ is deliberately vague.  
        Initially I thought of using tumblr, but when I opened an account, the page enthused about the community I was joining and suggested I would be interested in several other tumblrs.  The first suggestion was Justin Timberlake.  I thought:  No.  I don’t think so.   And deleted my account.
        Reproducing a post on my laptop is easy.  Less so on the iPad, with various tricks needed to move text and images from iWeb on the MacBook Pro to the iPad, via Dropbox, Pages and Photo Stream.  
        The free iPad Blogger app failed to upload images, a problem I recall some of you have had, so I’m using a $5 app unfortunately named Blogsy.  It does the job, but forces text into block paragraphs.  I’ll continue to use it from time to time, just so I don’t forget how to, but all entries will not be formatted the same.
        The Blogger site is only an emergency alternative.  
        Until it can’t be, due to failure of code, computer or creator, ‘self-portrait in the present sea’ will continue to be the way to follow one septuagenarian sailor.